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Covering all of London, 5 Incorporated Ltd can create tailored menus for your corporate and PR events.

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The company to choose for your business catering

At 5 Incorporated, our approach means that no two events are ever the same. Our emphasis on working with you to create an exceptional occasion truly makes us stand out.

We specialise in bespoke catering for intimate and corporate events sourcing the finest ingredients available. At 5 Incorporated, it's not just about delivering an attractive looking dish, we're passionate about creating cuisine that is both healthy and delectable.

Talk to us today to see how we can tailor our services for your event.

sushi dinner table


We believe that there is an art to preparing food that is healthy and delicious and we go to great lengths to assure that our source ingredients are of the highest quality.

sushi drinks party


We view every event at 5 Incorporated as an experience. For us it’s no longer enough to simply serve great food and drink. We aim to consider and select elements that stimulate all our senses.

Highly recommended in London


Thank you again to Izumi for taking part in the Bidfood Supplier Innovation LIVE this week.
Feedback has been that the event went down very well with the judges
I am delighted to confirm that, Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce, achieved Silver status. Which is a fantastic result.


Izumi Nakamura


Izumi grew up in Amakusa, a beautiful chain of five islands located in the south of Japan. The islands of Amakusa are blessed with an abundance of delicious and natural ingredients, and Izumi was raised to eat a diet rich in wholesome, flavoursome foods, and to treasure the simple joy of cooking and eating together.

Today, Izumi draws upon this upbringing in her work as an outstanding sushi chef, dietary consultant, and qualified sake sommelier. Her background as a trained and experienced pharmacist also enables her to create dishes and menus that are as nutritionally balanced as they are delicious. The net result of her unique experience and passion for Japanese cuisine is wonderfully enjoyable, healthful dishes that are perfect for shared food experiences. To date, she has delivered many memorable events with her bespoke style of catering.

Izumi has also found success as a culinary instructor, noted for her friendly approach and down-to-earth style. She regularly gives creative demonstrations and lessons to groups within London and across the home counties.

Izumi Nakamura preparing a plate of food

Philosophy of 5 Incorporated

Our philosophy is driven by the following three Japanese sayings.


Ichigo-Ichie: “One opportunity, one encounter”. This means that we should treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.


Ishoku-Dougen: “Medicine and food have the same origin”. This means that eating healthily can help to prevent and cure disease.


Yuu-Ki-En-Raku: “Have fun, enjoy, be happy and relax”. This means that we should spend time with friends, having fun and being joyful.

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